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But there is a significant difference between defiance and narcissism.

The following list of traits may provide clues to determine whether someone is demonstrating strongly narcissist behavior.

It is not uncommon between partners, couples, and parents (in relation to children, especially teenagers) to interpret a strong personality as being narcissistic, because it is sometimes easier to label and explain away problematic behavior than it is to look inwardly or to examine systemic dysfunction at the family level.

Is your teenager responding strongly to excessive constraints? Only a qualified mental health professional can formally diagnose personality disorders or mental illnesses.

Therefore, if you are in the habit of often speaking well of people (always giving praise when praise is due) then you may soon encounter objections from narcissists who hate to see others being praised.

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However, keep in mind that one may feel genuine sympathy without expressing it, or alternately, may convincingly feign sympathy while feeling nothing.Non-professional diagnoses should be avoided, since there is a risk that they will be skewed by closeness to the subject.Narcissistic traits are the source of self-love/value and self-empowerment.Use this book to help you and your family cope, but please do not use it as a means of diagnosing, attacking, or exacting revenge on the narcissist.Feel free to edit incorrect information in this book, but remember that it is written primarily by people who may have had first-hand experience living with a narcissist.

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