13 yr olds dating singles chat dating com

So, I guess my answer is, I have never had a certain age requirement, more of a comfort level.Luckily my kids have never challenged me on it, though if my youngest wanted to go out alone with a boy I would say no, and probably tell her not until she's 16. Many would have just said, can you drop me off, I'm meeting Jose and Bob.would he agree to you seeing the same movie they're seeing if you sit far away?

You either trust your son to make a good choice or you don't.The only time my older kids had real one on one dates was when they went to formal dances, and even then it was usually 3 or 4 couples going together.The first time my son took a girl out on a real date he was a freshman in college.I can literally spy on them from the hardware store across the street!But kids around here seem to prefer to "date" in groups, even in high school.

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