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"The Russian Far East is becoming China's safety valve, much like Mexico lets off population pressures with migration into the United States.Only 7.4 million Russians populate the entire Russian Far East, versus more than 70 million in northeast China," ABC News wrote in an editorial. "In northeastern regions of China, we share a very similar population structure with Russia, which makes our government unlikely to 'export singles to other countries' but rather to encourage them to remain in the local community." "If there was a certain degree of official support, I believe it only existed in a looser birth policy, which allowed those transnational couples to have more than one in the past decades," Sun explained.Though the trend of Russian women marrying Chinese men may indicate a new phenomenon, many Chinese students who have experience living in Russia say that it is still in the fledgling stage and not yet widespread.A few dating agents told the Global Times that the proportion of Russian women who have the intention of marring Chinese men remains very small.In her experience, Chinese overseas students in Russia remain a very small group compared with cohorts surging in Western countries.The cross-border intermarriage trend between China and Russia, in addition to increasing Chinese migration into Russia in recent years, has also raised some eyebrows about China's growing influence in Russia — using suitcases and marriage certificates instead of politics.

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"Russian girls at our university actually rate European men higher than Chinese men." Nevertheless, the couple has been in a relationship for nearly three years, though Chen's girlfriend was repeatedly asked by her Russian friends why she chose a Chinese over others, whereas Chen's Chinese friends, who regard Russia and Ukraine as a "land of beauties," "feel nothing more than envy and blessing." Some agents admit that only brides from less economically developed areas of Russia or Ukraine can be a "hot import" to China.

The men, from relatively developed areas of China, traveled many hours to join this cross-border transnational blind date organized by a matchmaking service.

Here they will meet Russian women with whom they have previously chatted online, usually assisted by a translator.

"Moreover, as China has more marriageable men than women, encouraging Russian girls to marry into China can well alleviate the gender imbalance concern in China." Imbalanced gender ratio The Moskovskij Komsomolets, a Moscow-based daily newspaper, released an article titled "Russian men in shortage: Chinese group blind date tour in Russian" [English translation] to suggest that China's export of "leftover" bachelors appears to be a solution to the current imbalanced gender ratio in Russia.

A piece by the People's Daily Overseas Edition released data in 2017 estimating that around 15 million men in China between the ages of 35 and 59 will not be able to find wives by 2020. He and labels his business "very promising in the future." Calling for more support from authorities, Lin wishes that encouragement measures for Sino-Russian marriage could be "finally written into the Belt and Road program." Sun Zhuangzhi, an expert in Sino-Russian relationships from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, does not see any possibility of taking intermarriage formally into the Belt and Road national strategy.

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