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Thank you for giving me a positive prospective on living with this illness.

God has and definitely will continue to use Aspen and the Dale Tribe for his glory. Thanks for making your videos - it's always a fun part of my day when I get to sit, relax and watch them.

Li PS teaches the most fundamental skills kids need before they can progress with any other curriculum. it is absolutely amazing as i know it can be rough on fingers and genteel is almost painless. I'm 14 I've had Lyme disease for almost 5 years, I do IV antibiotics which can cause gallstones and did so I had to have surgery and all through my recovery I was watching you.

Amy and Jon are just the most amazing, supportive parents, I wish I had parents like you guys.

I was diagnosed with cancer last summer and it's been rough, but sometimes I think to myself. I recently came across your channel while randomly surfing You Tube for information on Type 1.

Watching how she handles her disease is so inspiring. We love Ticket to Ride, Munchkin, Catan, Roll for It and Sushi Go only to name a very few. Avatar the Last Air Bender was AMAZING your family is so much like ours minus the fact we only have one child : DI am 17 & I was diagnosed with Type 1 earlier this year.

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Also wondering if you know about Amy (dreamflight6000) on youtube, her son Henry is 6 years old and has had diabetes since the age of 2. Much love from New Zealand xx Eliza Macdonald New Zealand!!!! I never see all my family together at once and I can't remember that last time we did something without it ending with everyone hating eachother. Silverpeace It's pretty crazy, but Amy actually woke up one morning and told me we needed to get Aspen checked out for diabetes. - Electronic, Drum and Bass, Breaks, Dubstep, Oldschool Hardcore[] . Its so great to know that there are people like me out there, that I'm not alone.It took one video for me to connect to your family.Hey Guys, I'm a new subscriber, just found you guys a few days ago and LOVE your videos, they are like addictive haha.

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