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Get started here THE KID’S CHANNELS Eli’s Channel: Anna’s Channel: CONNECT WITH US Amy’s Instagram: @amydale Jon’s Instagram: @jondale Anna’s Instagram: @hatsuboku & @yeah Eli’s Instagram: @elidale2003 Shae’s Instagram: @shaedaletribe Amy’s Snapchat: amydaletribe Shae’s Snapchat: daletribeshae Anna’s Snapchat: hatsuboku SEND US A LETTER The Dale Tribe PO Box 7971 Woodland Park, CO 80863 USA FTC DISCLOSURE: This video is not sponsored MUSIC ATTRIBUTION Theme Music Recession Song by Barry and Michelle Patterson She is already touching people for God every day! It has a table top that goes over the top of the poker table to play awesome games. GET OFFICIAL DALE TRIBE MERCH Check out Amy's novel Off With Her Heart (Amazon Affiliate Link) THE DALE TRIBE YOUTUBE CHANNEL SUBSCRIBE and JOIN THE TRIBE HELP TRANSLATE OUR VIDEOS. We actually had an awesome poker/games table made special for our basement.😊I've been watching your vlogs now for about a month.My 4 year old son was recently diagnosed with T1D on September 28, 2016 and I can't tell you how comforting y'all have been to our family in regards to living with Type 1.

A lot of dyslexic kids need something MORE than a curriculum for dyslexic students. It gives me hope that a day will come when my relationship with my children will switch from one of forming their ethical and moral standards, to one of being able to relax and ENJOY their company. I know my comment might not be seen but i wanted to let you know about an amazing lancet device called genteel.Li PS teaches the most fundamental skills kids need before they can progress with any other curriculum. it is absolutely amazing as i know it can be rough on fingers and genteel is almost painless. I'm 14 I've had Lyme disease for almost 5 years, I do IV antibiotics which can cause gallstones and did so I had to have surgery and all through my recovery I was watching you.Amy and Jon are just the most amazing, supportive parents, I wish I had parents like you guys.if nothing else, I want to bring more awareness to crps. I wanted his name to be spelled Dominic, my husband wanted it Dominique after a football that maybe, this incurable disease will be studied and maybe, we'll find a cure, or at least a way to treat it. My brain could not comperhend that at the time so some how it got spelled Dominque.

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    His back flip live on stage while singing Fly Me To The Moon was truly impressive! After the series ended, Lloyd spent a year touring with The X Factor.

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    Yes,they can be found at home, alone; but for the most part they are everywhere. Did you ever wonder how the whole ‘opposites attract’ thing works? So to that extent it makes sense that one of you is an extrovert and one an introvert.