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That’s a character that does anything and you can’t guess what he is going to do tomorrow. Obviously, that’s Heath Ledger and he had a legendary role, but I felt that this character had that off-ness in him which was interesting.

Online Dating is a phenomenon, which has finally started to make space in the India arena.Whether it’s , these are some fine performances have come our way because it allows you to do so much as an actor. He is all out there and is definitely an exhibitionist which is absolutely opposite to who I am.I am a very private person, not open to expressing myself. Of course, we spoke about a lot of rockstars, popstars who have been into substance abuse and been out there.So if you see the silhouette of Tommy Singh or the way he talks or walks, I don’t think he is like anybody else.That’s something I am very particular about as an actor.

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    As a single woman in her thirties, the dynamics of dating in the new urban scene are confusing.

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    She's also helping to arrange the Exeter's Water Street Bookstore release party.

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    In another […] What if there was one Instagram account that could perfectly mesh your love for food and dogs? Cue the account Dogs in Food, which combines scrumptious meals with a pop of a character pup inside the dish, making for not only cute pictures, but hilarious captions.