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First being the script which I loved because I felt it’s an original story.And I never felt it was a documentary or pseudo intellectual.Whether it’s , these are some fine performances have come our way because it allows you to do so much as an actor. He is all out there and is definitely an exhibitionist which is absolutely opposite to who I am.I am a very private person, not open to expressing myself. Of course, we spoke about a lot of rockstars, popstars who have been into substance abuse and been out there.So if you see the silhouette of Tommy Singh or the way he talks or walks, I don’t think he is like anybody else.That’s something I am very particular about as an actor.And this is the maximum I will express myself because I am an actor and I have to do interviews. Tommy Singh is nothing like who I am but he is a superstar who is extremely popular and he does everything wrong which makes him even more famous. There are many references that you can get from there.

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All I will say is I hope that a film like , did you feel that this would generate a lot of curiosity? At times, if you have too many reasons to do something then it all gets lost.So sometimes, you need to focus on the important and fundamental reason why you do something. There were various reasons why I wanted to play Tommy Singh.I would much rather do a film that performs better than the one that underperforms. Also, as a subject will definitely not be considered a film for all audiences but something is helping it reach out to a larger number of people. So you are not bothered about the film’s box-office returns? It might end up making money, but that cannot be the reason for you to do the film.It should be because of the role that takes you forward as an actor.

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