Alfa romeo speed dating

Maybe it was the double fantasy name that raised his expectations unrealistically high.Alfa Romeo and Stelvio: one of the world’s dream car-makers combined with one of the world’s dream roads.The good news is that the Stelvio is based on the same platform as Alfa’s brilliant Giulia that I was raving about earlier this year.

In as much as where it needs to be practical, it really isn’t.Rating: As regular readers of these pages know only too well, I would be more than happy if I never saw an international airport again. Which is why last weekend I surprised her with an ankle-biter-free mini-break to the island she has always wanted to visit: Iceland. Every bit as fascinating, friendly and zen as everyone told us it would be.The first in a long list of surprises was the fact that, as we drove to Reykjavik from the airport at about 5.30 in the afternoon, it was still daylight.‘Yes but it will still be dark at ten o’clock tomorrow morning,’ announced the barman later that evening.In the fast-growing SUV sector, manufacturers need an extreme USP to make a real splash.In which case it could be easily argued that in its debut outing, Alfa has immediately taken the fight to the established SUV titans.

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