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He stars opposite her older sister Kylie Minogue in Swinging Safari, which was formerly titled Flammable Children.

The comedy-drama is written and directed by Stephan Elliott, best known for his work on The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert in 1994.

Later in Charmed they bring the so called "cleaners" in episode 6-2 when Wyatt conjures a dragon and magic is exposed.

Why didn't the cleaners appear earlier in this episode when Piper and Prue exposed magic?

Therefore, he would think to write an advanced spell so that his powers can be used.

Two, like any private school, it accepts only the truly gifted ones.

Those who will become real fighters in the battle between good and evil.

Third, Leo had to prove he and Piper are truly good parents in raising Wyatt.

The future king of the magical realm and not hide every time trouble occurs.

Fourth, once Wyatt was drawn to magic school, they knew it was his destiny to be there.

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