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Julian dropped out of a law and economics degree at the University of Sydney to pursue his acting career, to the dismay of his affluent parents at the time.

He started in commercials before scoring a lengthy role on Home and Away, then went on to make big-budget movies.

Therefore, he would think to write an advanced spell so that his powers can be used.

It was a different spell, you can see that from episode Chris-crossed, the charmed ones did not drew anything when travelled to their past.

Third, Leo had to prove he and Piper are truly good parents in raising Wyatt.If "Whitelighters" are "technically" dead how is it Leo can do everything human? As well as when "Grams" and Patty came back they often came in human form at least some of the time?The theme song is "How Soon is Now", originally by the Smiths, but performed for the show by Love Spit Love.He stars opposite her older sister Kylie Minogue in Swinging Safari, which was formerly titled Flammable Children.The comedy-drama is written and directed by Stephan Elliott, best known for his work on The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert in 1994.

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