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Tancredi de Alta-Villa: Drogo...atque Umfridus, Willermus et Hermannus, Rotbertus cognomento Wiscardus et Rogerius et sex fratres eorum, Willermus de Monsteriolo et Ernaldus de Grentemaisnilio among those who left Normandy and settled in Apulia, although it is unlikely that all these individuals arrived at the same time (particularly the sons of Tancred de Hauteville who, as can be verified from other primary sources, arrived in two waves).

Tancreds son, Guillaume, was elected count in Sep 1042.

During the succeeding hundred years or so, the Muslim conquerors threatened continental southern Italy with their raids and even established some permanent settlements at Garigliano, Agropoli and Bari.

However, by the early 11th century, the Muslims had lost all their territory in Southern Italy, although they still held the island of Sicily.

No further details of this expedition have been found.

Nor has it been ascertained whether at that time any of the visitors settled permanently in southern Italy and left descendants.

At that time, the Lombard principalities and duchies of Benevento, Salerno, Capua, Naples, Amalfi and Gaeta still existed in southern Italy, see the document SOUTHERN ITALY (1), but in a weakened state.

The first rebellion against the Byzantine rulers in southern Italy was led by Melus in [1009/10].

There was little that King Pedro could do in the short term to assert his claim, the general rebellion in Sicily against French rule in 1282 prompted the Aragonese king Pedro to take advantage of the situation.Guillaumes county developed into the county of Apulia [Puglia], which was elevated to the status of a duchy by the Pope in 1059.The Normans, from their base in Apulia, extended their rule and carved out a new country for themselves in the southern Italian mainland.The Norman dynasty of the kingdom of Sicily became extinct in the legitimate male line at the end of the 12th century.The Hohenstaufen dynasty from Germany succeeded as kings between 11, when Charles Duke of Anjou [Capet] defeated and killed Manfredo King of Sicily and succeeded as Sicilian king with Papal support.

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