Bisexual chat line

Queer Identities Originally used to put people down, the term Queer is starting to be used in a positive way by many LGBTQ people to describe someone who doesn’t identify as straight and/or doesn’t identify as cisgender (cisgender means someone who identifies with the gender they were given at birth).

That may sound a little bit complicated, but it really just means that queer is a non-binary label that describes diverse gender identities and sexual orientations.

If you know that you’re bisexual, then no one can tell you otherwise!

Unfortunately, you can’t control how everyone reacts to your news.

It’s possible that even if your family and friends heard you, they might not be ready to understand what you’re saying.

It might help to give them some resources, like Bisexuality 101.

You can get support with exploring your sexuality, gender identity or coming out. You can also be questioning about your gender identity.It can be hard to find support when exploring your identity due to the stigma surrounding LGBTQ identities.For example, people who are pansexual, or “pan”aren’t just attracted to men or women – they can be attracted to multiple or all types of people, no matter what their sex or gender is.This is a great example of a non-binary sexual orientation.

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