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She was named Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003, was a contract performer for Vivid Entertainment, and was named by Maxim as one of the 12 top porn stars in 2010.

She has played roles in independent mainstream events, films and television shows.

'Yeah, I believed in it too, but at this point, four weeks into it, I should have more feelings than I do.

That's all I'm saying,' he says while petting one of his dogs. I don't think she is attractive, and I'm not attracted to her and that is me opening up to the fullest f*****g extent.' At the end of the episode, Sonia packed her backs and left their marital home.

'I can't believe that she could throw everything away after a week!In a revealing Facebook picture, the 20-year-old aspiring model, who has since converted to Islam, is seen scantily clad in the arms of a male dancer, wearing a barely-there uniform of metallic bra and knickers, as reported by the Daily Telegraph.Balancing in the arms of a man hunk the natural beauty beams at the camera her lips painted a saucy red, while she shows off her toned, bronzed legs and sculpted abs, her hand jauntily placed on her hip.'When we first got married, I thought she was beautiful, but my level of attraction to her is not as high as it was initially,' he told the cameras during last night's episode.'We were matched by the experts, but maybe there is underlying things that I didn't say or that you didn't say or that they didn't know or that never came up that is a big deal and makes us not as compatible as we thought we were.'When Sonia told him that she just wants him to know that she isn't trying to convince him of anything, she is just open to the process, he made it seem like he has already given up on their marriage.

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