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Within this valley, younger and lower lake plains are lacking (Lavenu 1981: Fig. I have also examined the "wharf" described by Posnansky (1943).

As a result, even his pains-taking study of the site would have been badly skewed by the severe disturbance to this site.

Originally, also, the upright columns were connected or capped by timbers or other stones, for the tops are carefully and accurately mortised, evidently with the purpose of supporting lintels. Verrill, A., 1929, the Oldest City in the New World.

At a short distance from the ruins, and facing the east, is a solitary huge stone image, its face marred and scarred by vandals and time, but still gazing with an enigmatical smile towards the rising sun, though it alone remains of all the hundreds of similar statues that once flanked the temple." Note that hundreds of statues have been removed from around the temple. The wholesale removal of idols, statues, monoliths, and other types of stonework from the site, renders the reconstruction of sight lines and identifying "solstice markers" totally speculative.

Unfortunately, these have all taken place extensively at Tiwanaku.

First, Tiwanaku, including the Kalasasaya, have been badly damaged by the mining of stones within, defacing of structures, and altered by well-meaning, but ill-considered reconstructions.

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