Buddhist vegetarian dating

Nei jing, a book by Huang Di that dealt with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), appeared during the Warring States Period.It established the belief that medicine and food were identical.Buddhists combine chanting with sitting in meditation.Many Buddhists, including lay Buddhists who practice Buddhism at home, live a long life.A Buddhist saying goes: If I do not work for a day, I will not eat for a day.

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Huang Di and his ministers, Lei Gong (the founder of acupuncture) and Qi Bai (his grand doctor and pharmacist), jointly developed TCM.Ideologically, Buddhism holds that if people sit still with a peaceful mind, concentrate, and persevere, they can achieve a delightful, bright, clear, refreshed state of body and mind.Achieving this state is the purpose of sitting in meditation.Vegetarianism is not a rule for all Buddhists; it is a unique product of Chinese Buddhism.The rule under which Chinese Buddhists eat vegetarian food dates back to the reign of Emperor Wudi in the Liang Dynasty.

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