Bulgarian girl dating

My Bulgarian girlfriend has been living in the UK for 6 months now and I thought this was a good time to share my experiences with you all.

For any of you considering looking for a long term relationship with a Bulgarian / Eastern European woman, you may find some of the information useful.

I don't care what anyone says but as an over 40s, short guy in the UK, my dating value is low and competition for women is intense.

The number of slim attractive women here is not good at all, the dating game really is stacked against you.

She seldom drinks and will have 2 glasses of wine at the most and I have not seen her drunk only merry.

I know a dude who's 45 about 5'9 and he's smashing a solid 7 32 year old.The key difference I have found is that they do "give" you something back whereas your English woman in my experience gives you nothing and takes all.My girlfriend does all the cooking and cleaning and does not moan about it.Do they (Poles) become fat and lazy after living there for long?The quality of Polish women who come to the UK is not comparable with that in Poland. You didn't say you are in London but I am imagining you are.

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