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The contest will use ACM ICPC rules (no hacks, the standings are decided by the number of solved problems and penalty time earned on them), and it will be unrated.

You can submit solutions in any language allowed by Codeforces.

For many years, Code Jam allowed anyone to read any participant's code after the contest.

While the current system doesn't support this yet, this is something that Code Jam team is willing to resolve.

People who are classified as overweight actually have a 6% lower risk of dying from any cause, according to one 2013 study.

An example of the fallout which occurred after using the forbidden word “Leitkultur” was evidenced when Friedrich Merz, a former leading member of the who is believed to have been “suicided” by Mossad in June 2003), an awakening German patriotism by striking a chord in a country where acceptance of “Alleinschuld,” (German guilt for WWII), continually propagated by Germany’s Jews and Zionist-leadership, is on the wane.

Previously, Codeforces blog posts can either be published together with the translation, or both versions can be hidden in drafts.

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The contest will take place on Saturday, 7th April at PM IST. There is a problem though: Code Jam website doesn't offer a good place to discuss the problems afterwards.

It comprised of 10 events this year, spanning across various domains like Competitive Programming, Application Development, Cyber Security and Machine Learning. We hope you guys enjoyed the contest and found the problems interesting. If we just start posting messages about Codeforces to the Google group, they will probably delete them.

But there is something else that people (sometimes) read: your code.

When you open talk with the person, all messages sent to you by the corresponding person automatically become read. Series of Educational Rounds continue being held as Harbour. You can read the details about the cooperation between Harbour. The problems were prepared by Roman Ajosteen Glazov, Adilbek adedalic Dalabaev and me.

We'd like to thank Mikhail Pik Mike Piklayev and Ivan Bled Dest Androsov for the help in preparing the round. UPD Editorial UPD2Congratulations to the winners: Hello codeforces!

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