Choi ji woo dating 2016

It seems like Lee Seo Jin is not dating anyone as of now and he is currently single.

Caption: Choi Ji Woo and Lee Seo Jin having a friendly talk over dinner who were speculated to be dating Also, he has never been married in the past and had a family with them.

They dated for two whole years during which Lee Seo Jin even sang a song for her on national television.

Caption: Seo Jin and his ex-girlfriend Jung Eun made an appearance together as a couple in SBS channel show around the year of 2008.

It was a bit of shock for all the fans as there were no signs of trouble in their relationship. Leo, himself have revealed that he likes plumped and cheerful women. His past relationship didn't do well as there was break up and few of them was just a rumor.

But all decisions was of Lee who initiated the breakup. Choi Ji Woo Reveals Vacationing Photos With “Twenty Again” Co-Star Lee Sang Yoon , SOURCE: If we look back at the dating history of Lee than only one name pops out and that is Choi Ji Woo. BTS of Kdrama "Temptation", SOURCE: However, in many of the interview, Choi denied of being in a relationship with Lee.

Lee Seo Jin and UEE in Marriage Contract source: Lee was rumored dating UEE after a chemistry between them on-screen was rumored out off the screen.

His grandpa was the first to be the governor of Seoul Bank and his father was a Treasury director in the past.

One of the most openly affectionate couples in the K-entertainment, Lee-Seo and Kim Jung-Eun were largely expected to ties in this year. Source: Lee and Kim started dating back in 2006 while filming SBS drama Lovers. This couple was open about their relationship and even were spotted in many public events.

Kim Jung Eun and Lee Seo Jin, source: Kim Jung personal confirmed the rumors in November 2016.

However, he did have a relationship with his ex-girlfriend that didn’t end well.

Lee Seo Jin has broken a few hearts along the way to his successful career.

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