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Due to their resemblance to wild cattle, these people called them "wild ox" or "wildebeest".The blue wildebeest was first known to westerners in the northern part of South Africa a century later, in the 1800s.Some illegal hunting goes on but the population trend is fairly stable and some populations are in national parks or on private land.The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists both as least-concern species. Wildebeest is Dutch for "wild beast" or "wild cattle" in Afrikaans (bees "cattle"), while Connochaetes derives from the Greek words κόννος, kónnos, "beard", and χαίτη, khaítē, "flowing hair", "mane".The most striking morphological differences between the black and blue wildebeest are the orientation and curvature of their horns and the color of their coats.

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Another study reported an increase in the size of the hybrid as compared to either of its parents.In males, blue wildebeest stand 150 cm tall at the shoulder and weigh around 250 kg, while the black wildebeest stands 111 to 120 cm tall and weighs about 180 kg.In females, blue wildebeest have a shoulder height of 135 cm and weigh 180 kg while black wildebeest females stand 108 cm at the shoulder and weigh 155 kg.In the female, all except a pair of very large submetacentric chromosomes were found to be acrocentric.Metaphases were studied in the male's chromosomes, and very large submetacentric chromosomes were found there as well, similar to those in the female both in size and morphology. The X chromosome is a large acrocentric and the Y chromosome a minute one.

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