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Gibbs College of Architecture at the University of Oklahoma prides itself on providing students with a dynamic professional education in Architecture, Construction Science, Environmental Design, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Regional and City Planning and Urban Design through a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in interdisciplinary and collaborative settings emphasizing excellence in education, research and service to the community. Boren today announced a leadership gift to the university from Christopher C. In appreciation of this gift, the largest in the college’s history, the OU Board of Regents has approved Boren’s recommendation to name the College of Architecture in honor of Gibbs.

Gibbs Endowed Scholarship in the College of Architecture.

With this principal and naming gift, students from all of our programs will be impacted in perpetuity.

The gift will also facilitate the recruitment and retention of the best teachers and researchers to work with our students.” Gibbs is a longstanding supporter of the university and its athletics programs and has also provided funds for the Christopher C.

So much happens in the Crowne Centre—chapel, church services, Fine Arts performances, Student Body, and Commencement.

In the lower-right corner, you can see the edge of the Mac Kenzie building, the location for classes in many academic fields.

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