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This avoids nasty messages from horny ladyboys (like the one I shared with you earlier).

If you are really interested in meeting the one, the perfect woman, the love of your life, the mother of your children, then Filipino Cupid with its advanced matchmaking algorithm is the better choice.

I have a particular question about sending pictures to potential dates.

I have on my dating profiles two to three pictures, all recent.

And, of course, it’s your right to do as you see fit.I mean, if you knew what she wrote five minutes later, you would understand that she's asking for it. She wouldn’t even see you as a man if you hung your balls out.Now the good news: In case you have already read my Thai Friendly review (the Thai equivalent to, you know that there are a lot of girls on Thai Friendly who are looking for fun dating experience with a foreigner and not for a man to marry. Besides a few exceptions (like the girl above that failed my test) most girls I chatted with are looking for a serious relationship. In other words, meeting a girl with a great personality who is looking for a serious relationship is quite easy. When an Asian woman tells you you’re a nice guy, it means the opposite. She had a great sense of humor and if I flew to the Philippines next week, I would definitely meet her.Instead of posting two recent photos that don’t include full body shots, post 7 photos that do. It’s the same advice I give in Finding the One Online. If the pictures honestly reflect what you look like, then everybody’s on the same page and there are no surprises.The men who are attracted will still write, the men who aren’t won’t, but you will have largely eliminated the request for recent, full body photos, because you provided them up front. Yes, you are being objectified, but each side is objectifying the other, no?

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