Competing compromising collaborating avoiding accommodating

(Order wise use or preference of each style) Objectives ▪ To find out the most preferred style for conflict management ▪ To measure the significance of each conflict management style Significance Importance of conflict management cannot be avoided in any field of life.

If conflict is not handled properly, it can ruin one’s relationship in one’s daily life and can badly impact on the performance of an organization if one is part of an organization.

Although age status and gender role have not very significant relation with the selection of a conflict handling style particularly in small businesses but people use and prefer different conflict handling styles as per their cultural background, personality, value system, etc.

Implications of the study are discussed in the paper.Difference in goals, expectations and values, etc can be said as factors influencing the conflict to arise [1,2].Conflict avoidance was an old term or concept but this term has been replaced by the term ‘conflict management’ today.If conflict is handled fruitfully it can bring great benefits [3].Five conflict handling styles were presented by Thomas and Kilmann as displayed in (Figure 1).

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