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They want a framework of information and conversation to create connections, not just amass more knowledge.Sean’s experience with large group team building activities ensures your event will be a hit!Whether you need someone opening your conference to provide powerful ice-breakers that inspire your people to interact with one another to forge relationships, or are looking for an early afternoon session speaker to energize and team build your group, Sean provides fun conference ideas and experiences that won’t be forgotten.

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Finding new and novel ways to help them connect can give your event a leading edge.Instead of just sharing content, Sean creates EXPERIENCES that help his messages stick – and that is what helps your people apply the ideas to their life and future interactions.The take-aways last much longer and have real impact!They need to be able to profile and identify the students walking through the fair who best fit their job offerings.“For example, armed with our radar-like technology, the founder of Circle Sponge was visually connected to students with data science backgrounds to speak about internships and full time positions.” To fit with its hip image and young audience, Mashable decided to hold its networking event at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference out of conventional hours.

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