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When you do this, it will bring up another dialog where you’ll see a checkbox for consolidating all your media files.You should do this just to make sure everything is stored there before we make the move. Now that we have completed these two tasks, we can move on to the actual process of moving the library.Now click on the Advanced tab and check to make sure that the i Tunes Media folder location is set to the default path, which should be Users/Username/Music/i Tunes/i Tunes Media.If the location is different, make a note of it because that is where you will need to go when we have to move the data.Depending on how large your i Tunes library is and your network connection speed, this process will probably take up the most time.Note that you should copy the library over, not move it. Once the copy has been completed, we need to open i Tunes in a special way.The original files are left in their original locations.To save space on your hard disk, you might want to delete the original files after confirming import.

If you’re low on space and you have a lot of media that simply cannot be stored using i Cloud, then one great option is to move everything to an external USB drive.

When you do this, you’ll get a dialog before i Tunes loads.

From the two options, you want to click on Choose Library.

For Mac users, open Finder and click on Music in the left-hand list of shortcuts.

In Windows, go to the location listed in the Advanced tab, which should be C:\Users\User Name\Music\. Go ahead and copy this folder to the root of your external hard drive by dragging and dropping it.

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