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(The Rhodes Not Taken) Artie finds out which schools will also be at Sectionals.

On discovering that the schools are barely any competition he puts his hand up for a high five from Brittany, who is standing next to him, only to see she had turned around, he puts his hand down sadly.

Rachel almost rolls Artie off the stage in You're the One That I Want, in which he performs background vocals.

Artie appears sad when Will announces he is resigning.

Tina Cohen-Chang (girlfriend)Brittany Pierce (ex-girlfriend)Becky Jackson (one date)Sugar Motta (ex-girlfriend)Betty Pillsbury (casual relationship, ended)Kitty Wilde (ex-girlfriend)Holly Holliday (crush)Vanessa (casual relationship; ended)Jessica (casual relationship; ended)Julie (one date; ended) Sam Evans Blaine Anderson Noah Puckerman Quinn Fabray Santana Lopez Brittany Pierce Rachel Berry Kurt Hummel Mercedes Jones Finn Hudson Marley Rose Ryder Lynn Jake Puckerman Kitty Wilde Wade "Unique" Adams Sugar Motta Rory Flanagan Joe Hart Mike Chang Arthur "Artie" Abrams is a major character on Glee.

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(Preggers) Artie is seen practicing with the Glee Club for Invitationals.

At the beginning of Season Five, Artie started a relationship with Kitty but they broke up some time after he moved to New York.

He graduated in New Directions, along with Blaine, Tina, Sam, Brittany, Becky and the rest of the seniors.

For unknown reasons, they did not show Artie's audition (later revealed to be Pony in 2009).

Artie is given the solo in Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat with Mercedes, Rachel, Kurt, and Tina, which makes Rachel furious.

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