Cyber goth dating

I’m not sure.) I will admit I felt bad when I heard about this – it’s not nice to feel as though you’ve caused your loved one embarrassment by dressing in the manner that you like.

However, Dan maintains that he has never been embarrassed by me or ashamed of me, which means a lot.

Dan admitted that, because he didn’t know much about the Goth subculture before I became interested in it, had I been Goth when he met me he might have been intimidated, assuming that I was some sort of scary cultist.

Dan and I have now been together for the last seven years, interspersed with occasional break-ups (the longest of which lasted a month).

I call him ‘my little chav’, which he doesn’t think is funny…

When in college, some of his friends were also interested in Goth; however, he also got involved in one or two arguments after overhearing people making unpleasant statements about Goths.

In fact, for a short period of time he went through a brief Goth ‘phase’ himself, partly because I didn’t want to be ‘the only Goth in the village’ and partly because we both realised how many of his interests lined up nicely with Goth culture – alternative music, body art, fantasy art, the paranormal, etc.

Dan soon realised that Goth wasn’t for him, and whilst for a few years his appearance remained within the realms of ‘alternative’, nowadays his hair is cropped short and you’ll often find him dressing in gear from Mackenzie or Henleys.

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