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And, hey, there's good messages, and good role models.The entire message of the game is that repressing the negative parts of yourself is unhealthy and dangerous; the heroes only gain their powers by confronting their "Shadow", the repressed parts of the psyche that they don't want to acknowledge.And this isn't a "Be yourself" thing either, these are very negative things: Your best friend feels bored with his life as it is, and his friends are holding in hidden desires to feel like a knight in shining armor, or feelings of emptiness and loneliness.Which isn't to say they're bad people, they just have flaws, and there's nothing wrong with that.The primary suspect, I think, is that what little sexual and alcoholic reference there is involves a group of teenagers.

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Other developers should learn from Atlus’s example here.But Persona 4: Golden is much more than online connectivity.With all-new characters, items, and locations, the Yasogami investigation team has a lot of work cut out for them as they look into a chain of grisly supernatural murders taking place in the sleepy rural town of Inaba.For example, at the very beginning of the game, you see a fictional commercial for a product called Quelorie Magic.It's endorsed by a pop star named Rise Kujikawa, stage name "Risette", no older than 15, who says lines like "I'm tired of dieting and going to the gym is too hard!

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