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Basically the 28 inch barrel has been sawed off to a little over 18 inches, its missing the forend, and the stock has been replaced by a pistol grip.

Being that the condition that its in(it was given to me for free), I want to make a fun/home defense shotgun.

Can you please post a picture with higher resolution? I would get used standard plastic Mossberg forend and stock.

Its performance in the field goes a long way in cementing its reputation with millions of hunters.In order to complete this project we need the date of manufacture and serial number. If you have this information please IM or email me.Mossberg will tell you the date of your gun if you contact them. With your help we can get much better defined years.The Havlin's are fantastic, and as soon as I get some extra cash I will join the Mossberg group.All Mossberg 500AB parts are interchangeable with the 500A.

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