Dating a nondrinker

First of all, why do you feel compelled to "work it out" so you could "possibly date a drinker"? I don't drink, primarily because I don't like the taste of alcohol. I am not much of a alcohol drinker, I don't like the taste very much, so I would like the other person to not drink alcohol very much..

“Before that, when people asked why I wasn’t drinking, I was very forthright about it,” says Steffey, 37.

“I worried that I would be viewed as not fun, since I was sober,” says Newton.

“But to you sober people: I promise you’re not the only one with that concern, and it’s normal.” Newton’s married to a similarly sober man — though they happily watched guests sip Champagne at their wedding — and says a benefit of not drinking is the clarity of knowing what you will and will not put up with in a relationship.

Instead of going out boozing together, “we focused on more substantial things we had in common.” Others, however, have a harder time on the dating scene.

Leora Israel, a nondrinking potter, says her significant other was a bit more hesitant to date a teetotaler.

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