Dating a peavey guitar by serial number who is julia louis dreyfus dating

found this site which can give you some production info on you guitar. Your guitar was made at the Fuji-gen Plant, Japan 2003 Production Number: 01606 I thought this was pretty cool! *Pot Code Reader* Epiphone Fender Gibson Ibanez Yamaha Cheers!

Electric: Ibanez 'AS103', Fender Dlx Nash Pwr Tele, Fender Squier '62 JV Strat, Squier '51, Squier 60's Classic Vibe Strat, Epi Elite LP Studio, Hagstrom Swede Acoustic: Larrivee LV-03RE, A&L AMI, Yamaha FG340-T Bass: Yamaha BB 450 Amps: Roland JC-120, JC-50, Peavey Classic 30, Fender Super Champ XD Pedals: Marshall Guv'nor Plus, Danelectro Cool Cat Drive, Transparent Overdrive, Digitech Digiverb, Bad Monkey, Ibanez TS-9, Boss AC-2, CE-5, CS-2, DD-3, DF-2, DS-1, FV-100, GE-7, OC-2, PSM-5, SD-1, TU-2, DVM~BYOC 'Lush Puppy' Chorus Digitech RP250 Modeling Guitar Processor : DVM "Phased and Confused" Script Phaser Clone : Digitech Bad Monkey Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus : Behringer Distortion Modeler : Ernie Ball Volume Pedal : Dunlop Cry Baby Wah I don't have the link handy but I know of at least one page that specializes in Fender numbers, although as might expect it focuses on vintage guitars. For anyone with any of the USA Peavey T-series (T-60, T-40 bass, T-15, T-30, etc.), iirc there is a dater page at T-60Visit Crash Pad at:

Batches of bridges and neck plates are made and then tossed into a bin.

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This was changed one year later to the most current scheme of CLFXXXXX.It is also important to note that not all serial numbers were used because some bridges were defective.1980-1997 Originally, numbers of the form GXXXXXX were used for guitars and numbers of the form BXXXXXX were used for basses.There is no master list to correlate to a model number, these are consecutive serialized numbers only.If you're trying to figure out what model something is from the serial number, figure out what year it is then go to the catalog library for the corresponding year [or year before or after] to find the model.

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