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Remember, this is a small step to a much bigger world so don’t feel like you have to run before you can walk. Never use anything like cable ties or gaffa tape for bondage. You can get specially made straps to go under the mattress to tie willing limbs to. You don’t have to wear pleather trousers, PVC basques or cheese-wire underwear. We live in a golden age sex toys delivered in discreet packaging: there’s no need to go reaching for the fruit and veg just yet. I was once paid to keep the key of a client’s chastity device while he wore it for a year, so you can definitely go a few days.

Anything that cuts your circulation off the more you pull against it is going to be an encumbrance and a danger. (Or try using bungee chords from the pound shop if you’re not quite as committed to the expense).

I’m going to assume you are two adults who want to try a bit of kink or BDSM, and you’re looking for a bit of helpful advice.

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Find that dog that is always barking in your neighborhood while the owner is away, and terrorize the shit out of the dog, hit it with a stick if you want to, just make it pissed off. Good act 2: Give 20 dollars to the cash register person and ask them for change in quarters, then right in front of them put each coin individually into the collection jars, it's especially good if there are people waiting.Instead, use it to gauge what you think you would both enjoy – and try it. It’s not about sticking to the rules, just following some guidelines. Say so – thank your partner, tell them how good it was (either as the Dom or the sub). Keep some arnica cream in the cupboard – it really helps with bruising. Try some power play outside of the bedroom – order your partner’s food, tell them what they’re going to wear, give them rules for a day and for each one they break, they get a specific punishment that evening. Plenty of cites and towns now have Munches – get-togethers where like-minded folk can meet and chat about all things kink, or just enjoy a drink.If you’re too shy to even start that kind of conversation, then just remember a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. It’s not about being perfect and faithfully re-enacting half of Porntube, it’s about finding what makes you feel powerful or what makes you feel submissive. You have both tried something new, and you’re both dying to know what each other thought of it, so lie back and tell them how much you enjoyed the fruits of their labours. There’s no end to household objects you can use – wooden spoons and hairbrushes for spanking, underwear as gags and blindfolds. To make the whole experience more intense try teasing each other for a few days, making sure neither one tries anything on their own (wink, wink). You don’t need to prove how submissive you are by sending pictures of your body to someone. Details of these can be found on-line, just Google munches in your area for guidance in person. Some things are worth investing in as there is no safe household equivalent – collar and chain, nipple clamps, bondage rope and butt plugs are good, basic things to have in your beginner’s toy bag. Although the whole point of being a sociopath is to not feel guilt, sadness, or hurt, you will also be stripped of 'positive' feelings and often times actions that usually resulted in happiness will be replaced with anger and then normal bad emotion actions will become happiness producing instead.So if you are squeamish or don't desire a sadomasochist view on life, don't read on.

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