Dating dos and dont

Or the people you’re meeting are liars, losers, and flakes.Or perhaps you’re disgusted with the state of modern dating. The good news is that you might […] Read more There is a definite spectrum of normal behavior when it comes to dating.

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Store them in your memory and remind yourself of these answers the […] Read more Awkward moments aren’t so awkward if you expect them, or decide in advance how to handle them. There are a few situations you may incur in dating that can make for extremely uncomfortable moments.While how a person looks is important to some, it is not the most important characteristics for many others.Having counseled countless couples and single men and women over the years, I have created a list of characteristics […] Read more If you’re not thrilled about your dating prospects lately, it’s easy to blame everyone and everything else: You’re not meeting enough people.First, however, let’s discuss the reasons why awkward moments are so awkward.Awkward situations in […] Read more When you hear the word “attractive,” the first thing that probably comes to mind is physical attractiveness.

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