Dating drought

The Plains have experienced prolonged, and in some places severe, drought during the last several years.

But could drought ever make Nebraska’s Sandhills resemble the Sahara? The Sandhills are a lush and complex grassland ecosystem sitting atop the massive Ogallala aquifer, supporting many cattle ranches and species of wildlife.

Then they load the individual grains of sand onto disks into a machine that reads the luminescence—like what you see from fireflies.“So if your eyes were more sensitive and could actually see smaller quantities of light, you could actually see the sand grains give off the light under the right conditions,” Hanson said.

But since our eyes aren’t that sensitive, this machine runs 24/7, dating sand one individual grain at a time.

That drought, possibly exacerbated by strong winds, wiped out vegetation across the Sandhills.

And long before things reach that point, he pointed out a few hard years with no grass could be devastating for the Sandhills ranching economy.

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Hanson said to think of each sand grain as an individual rechargeable battery.

“The sand grains are exposed to sunlight, they lose their electrical charge.

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