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"The email was long, angry and childish," she says.

"And he sent it to the entire company." Ralph didn't lose his job, but his account was modified so that he could no longer send company-wide emails.

A second coworker was fired after getting a DUI while driving a company car.

One repairman drove the company van to a well-known drug house in the middle of the day; he was busted when the boss drove by on his way home for lunch.

Rule #8: Watch your language, even when you're away from your desk.

Anything you do during the day—even while you're on break—is a reflection of your professional self.

But remember that once you hit "Send" from an office computer (or to or from a work email account), your words are now company property.

Sarah from New York tells the story of Ralph, a mailroom worker who fired off an angry missive when someone swiped his lunch from the office refrigerator.

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