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c) Other newspaper activities: If a local English language newspaper is available, the teacher will find it to be an invaluable source of material for fun filled classroom activities.

Some of the more popular activities which students can do using newspapers are, For your convenience, Language Link has put together a number of newspaper-based activities for your use.

a) Making a class newspaper: The idea of a class newspaper is an old one.

Here are a number of thoughts that may help you make creating a class newspaper more interesting (they are not all compatible with one another): b) Making a class magazine: Making a class magazine can prove to be as much fun as making a class newspaper (possibly more depending upon the age of the child). Whereas there are few, if any, newspapers for children, the kiosks abound in magazines for kids; thus, young learners are particularly aware of both their content and relevancy to them.

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Of course, music should not be used as a simple diversion but rather as a tool for learning language.

The following example songs and accompanying activities should demonstrate this point.

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