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She continued to date him, despite unpleasurable sex and his breath smelling like "dog shit", likely because of his extreme wealth although she claims to have a very complex love and attraction to him. Although the LCPD calls her "delusional", leading to rumors that she bluffs and embellishes her lifestyle, they confirm that she is "high society".

Her credit cards are frequently maxed out, because she buys six-figure dresses for herself and weekly champagne enemas for her chihuahua Valentino.

She is one of only 2 girlfriends who enjoys strip clubs.

Alex also likes riding motorcycles, as she claims they bring back some memories.

This can be useful, because depending on how the blog is written lets the player know if the date was successful or not, or if the places she went were favorable or unfavorable.

She will also occasionally send pictures to Niko's phone of herself, or randomly text him with pointless jabber.

In, Alex's page is known as Liberated Woman.

She still hates her mother, but receives all her money from her parents.She does not like the Banshee, however, as the game does not classify it as a sports car.Her favorite visiting locations include Split Sides comedy club and the Perestroika cabaret club in Broker. She dislikes eating at diners, claiming they have "bad service".Alex can be met on in the women seeking men section.Alex lives on Silicon Street in Lancaster, Algonquin, a couple of blocks up from Niko's safehouse.

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