Dating in uniform

Stylish, attractive and well groomed singles from all over the UK are looking for their perfect, uniformed partner.

Whether you like the presentation of someone in a uniform, the connotations, such as a caring nurse or a strong military man that come with a uniform or the pure sophistication and class that oozes from a well dressed individual, whoever you are and whatever your uniform is, someone out there will be irresistibly attracted to you.

Albans during the 1860s, which has the claim to fame of being the northern most battle of the Civil War, there have not been any battles fought on Vermont soil since the age of photography (which begins just prior to the Civil War).

However, it may be possible to find men in military uniform in an historic Vermont photo.

Other clues in the image suggest an early 1880s date. Recruitment for the Vermont National Guard began around 1898, and a number of camps were set up around Vermont for training. For those who fought in the war, the uniforms changed quite a bit from the late 19 century military attire. WWI Victory Parade: Image courtesy of the University of Vermont Landscape Change Program and the Vermont Historical Society The Army Corps of Engineers oversaw the construction of a number of bridge and dam projects in Vermont, particularly in the wake of the 1927 flood.If you are someone who wears a uniform, make sure your profile shows it off, and shows it off well!When filling out your profile, include things about your profession and why you wear a uniform and of course don’t forget the photos!If this sounds almost too good to be true, then don't let us stand in your way – sign up for free with Uniform Lover dating today and start searching through hundreds of well dressed singles from across the UK looking for their perfect partner who cares about their appearance as much they do.If this wasn't quite good enough, registration is completely free, with a chance to 'try before you buy' – have a go with Uniform Lover, see if you can find the ideal match who appreciates finery when they see it.

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