Dating other couples

She told me she had to work Friday night so she wasn’t leaving until Saturday morning.

My pastor suggested I make a list of my perfect husband so I did - complete with a picture of a Fruit-Of-the-Loom model. My girlfriends and I were part of a running club called 'hot to trot' because it was unsafe to run trails alone. There was a fundraiser coming up to support the arts and you had to be dressed in something from the year 3000 or for Halloween. Three years ago he tweeted that he was moving and had a bunch of horror DVD’s he needed to get rid of.I ended up driving her to the airport, sitting next to each other on the plane, and we began dating very shortly thereafter.I ended up proposing in the same airport a few years later right before we got on the same flight to Baltimore where we’d first met (she thought we were going to visit friends).After that, Lindsay and I began to talk a little bit on the phone, but she had just gotten out of a long-term relationship so it didn’t really go anywhere.At the end of the summer after we really hadn’t spoken much, somehow we ended up talking on the phone the Wednesday before Labor Day when I asked her what she was doing that weekend.

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