Dating sites like plentyoffish

It also means that anyone with pictures of their private regions will be banned from the site.At this point, you're likely either feeling really safe or like the place is run by an overzealous prison guard, or a bit of both.If you think your usual assortment of passwords is good enough think again or you will be facing the “your password is too weak” page on more than one occasion.

The crowd is for the most part friendly, honest, open, and talkative.

You have 24 hours to like or pass your match (aka "Bagels").

A mutual like leads to direct connection via in-app chat.

Things like hobbies, interests, and political affiliation are blatantly missing from the list.

The inbox is pretty self explanatory, although it does have an extensive list of options for the types of people you would like to ban from contacting you.

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