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Their members were specifically concerned that students with disabilities were "monopolizing an inordinate amount of time and resources and, in some cases, creating violent classroom environments" (Sklaroff, 1994, p. They further cite that when inclusion efforts fail, it is frequently due to "a lack of appropriate training for teachers in mainstream classrooms, ignorance about inclusion among senior-level administrators, and a general lack of funding for resources and training" (p. One additional concern of the AFT and others (Tornillo, 1994; Leo, 1994) is a suspicion that school administration motives for moving toward more inclusive approaches are often more of a budgetary (cost-saving) measure than out of a concern for what is really best for students.If students with disabilities can be served in regular classrooms, then the more expensive special education service costs due to additional personnel, equipment, materials, and classrooms, can be reduced. Regular educators are not the only ones concerned about a perceived wholesale move toward full inclusion.These services have evolved primarily through a specialized teacher working with these students individually or in small groups, usually in a resource room setting.Many successful practices have been researched and identified (Lyon & Vaughn, 1994)."But supporters [argue] that, while administrators may see inclusion as a means to save funds by lumping together all students in the same facilities, inclusion rarely costs less than segregated classes when the concept is implemented responsibly" (Sklaroff, 1994, p. Some special educators and parents of students with disabilities also have reservations.The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), a large, international organization of special educators, parents, and other advocates for the disabled, issued a policy statement on inclusion at their annual convention in 1993.

Social, emotional, and even academic development is difficult when communication must be facilitated through an interpreter.They argue that the current special education system emerged precisely because of the non-adaptability of regular classrooms and that, since nothing has happened to make contemporary classrooms any more adaptable ..., [inclusion] most likely will lead to rediscovering the need for a separate system in the future. 160) In addition to a more generalized concern by some across the field of special education in relation to how inclusive practices become operationalized in schools, stronger concern about and resistance to inclusion has been raised within specific disability groups.Perhaps the greatest concern and opposition comes from many in the deaf community.They acknowledge that the ideals on which inclusion rests are laudatory.However, they remain skeptical that the present overall, broad-based capacities and attitudes of teachers and school systems toward accommodating students with disabilities into regular classrooms is adequate.

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