Dating the birth of jesus christ

In the late nineteenth century, Emil Schürer asserted that Herod the Great must have died in 750 AUC, i.e. As the second chapter of the Gospel of Matthew says that Jesus was born during his reign, it must have happened before that date.

Pope Benedict XVI mentioned this theory in his book The issue is complicated because not all historians agree on the date set by Schürer for the death of Herod.

The other four, less bright, could be pi, chi, upsilon and phi in Virgo, two of which do not appear in the image.

At the top right of the image you can see the conjunction of Jupiter (the king planet) with the star Regulus (the little king), the brightest star (alpha) in the constellation Leo (Judah’s constellation).

For this reason, many modern historians are inclined to set his date of birth between 747 and 749 AUC.

This has the curious and paradoxical consequence that Jesus Christ would have been born in the years 7 to 5 before Christ.

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