Dating with russian man

Though in reality it often doesn't appear like that, and in spite of leadership of her husband, the wife makes the decisions.

They say in Russia: “A Husband is a head and wife is a neck”. Also in Russia it’s OK if husband gives his wages to the wife, and she manages it.

It’s usually a shame for them if a woman pays for herself when he is near.

For example if a guy asks girl to go out anywhere with him it's assumed that he will pay for both. Remember if you are asking a Russian woman on a date, be sure that you have enough money to pay for her too. Who knows, maybe this feature has been kept in Russia because of slow and weak feminism development. But maybe that is why there are few gigolos in the country. A Russian is not used to economizing and doesn’t like doing it.

He considers counting to be a shallow and unworthy thing. This feature isn't surprising because we live in such a big country.

Moreover he doesn’t like to limit himself in anything. Breadth and speciousness are the words which are always pleasant and close to Russian heart. For example because of this feature lots of Russian men don’t like to take responsibility for themselves.

And if you talk to them you’ll more likely find a lot of other things.

The presence of children is welcome but not mandatory.

I can do all the household chores, other than this I can love and be gentle and caring.

Let’s start with the fact that Russian men sometimes are very generous.

We can say with sure that average Russian man is more generous then average foreigner.

They are afraid that they can be limited in their freedom at any moment.

Because of their love of freedom Russians don’t like to live by rules and moreover they even don’t accept them.

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