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In sum, when done well, humor can have a significant positive effect on your life.

Isn't it time we use a little more academic rigor to figure out how it works?

People think there are a lot of other, really pressing problems we have to try to solve."But when you think about it, humor may be one of the most important topics of all.

The ubiquity of humor Humor is everywhere, for example.

Of course, their documentation and measurement leaves much to be desired... One of the most fascinating things for me is to watch comedians perform night after night and see how things develop differently.

still, the method is there and a common discussion among stand-up comics is 'what makes certain variations of a joke work and others not? I hope psychologists begin to take humor more 'seriously' and apply research methods in the many natural labs we have all over the country--comedy clubs! While it is only one type of humor, bantering humor, often involving teasing and insults (reaching a peak in Roasts), is still affirming, since it shows respect for the other person's strength and ability to shrug the barbs off; it is, in its own way complimentary.

Martin Seligman, the father of the positive psychology movement even deems a good sense of humor to be one of 24 characteristics associated with well-being, yet the hugely influential field of happiness research has largely ignored the topic."Humor research is seen as a non-serious topic," says Rod Martin, author of The Psychology of Humor: An Integrative Approach, one of the preeminent books in the field.

"Scientists always want to make sure their work is respectable, and to be doing research on humor is seen as not respectable enough.

Consistent with historical accounts of the use of humor as a weapon of subversion, research being conducted in the Humor Research Lab (aka Hu RL) finds that consumers can effectively use humor to criticize brands.The psychological study of humor may lead to an improvement in humor, in the same way that developing a better understanding of language comprehension has led to an improvement in language instruction.Humor is (typically) good By examining humor's antecedents, we will also better understand (and harness) humor's many benefits.And those chuckles occur much more frequently than other commonly researched emotions like regret, pride, and shame. Hence, the pursuit of humor influences many of our daily decisions - the websites, books and magazines we read, the television shows and movies we watch, and the people we decide to talk to (or not).And because humor is valued by consumers, businesses are constantly creating funny advertisements (e.g., Superbowl ads) and funny products (e.g., blockbuster comedic films) in order to get our attention and entertain us.

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