De rossi dating ellen degeneres

For exactly the reason she states — because it important that people “see gay men and women having big careers and very full, rich lives.” And even with all of the progress we’ve made on that front in the last few decades, today most Americans can still count on only two hands the number of gay women that fit that criteria.

Two years after this infamous Twitter saga, the pair was at it again.

I'd pick out which bedroom would be mine and get all excited." She added, "The first thing I did when I made money was buy a house.

And then…" "Another one," de Rossi playfully interjected.

When I hear celebrities talking about their marriages or other things that are intensely personal, I cringe. It’s like desperate attention-seeking.”But de Rossi and Gregorini’s break-up in December put de Rossi — and her sexuality — in the spotlight because of the other party involved: Ellen De Generes, perhaps the most visible out lesbian in American pop culture today (who was also in a committed relationship at the time with girlfriend Alexandra Hedison, which made the story even more irresistible for the media).

As Tammy Lynn Michaelsquickly discovered when she and Melissa Etheridge became involved, you can’t start dating one of America’s Lesbian Sweethearts and expect to stay closeted — something de Rossi surely knew when she began dating De Generes.

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