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If they can pay for their travel to New Hampshire and there is an open bunk, they can work the farm, spend time with the therapy animals, and bond with each other to get sober.It’s an amalgamation of what Rivers learned in therapy and what he learned on the street.“But I tried a little pot like an hour after I got discharged, and then kept going from there.I tried everything, all the way to crack.” In between stints in more than one Massachusetts jail, Rivers drifted between couches, a doorway, and eventually a subway tunnel while working odd jobs around Boston to support his addictions.“Get my money, get my booze, get my drugs, do one good deed, and get in a fight.” In 2007, a caseworker with the Veteran’s Administration put Rivers in touch with a program called Veteran Homestead in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire.Here, the veterans were expected to tend to an 82-acre plot and work with horses as a form of animal therapy.

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As with any “in-group” organization, it breeds a strong culture that brands outsiders as the “other.” For an increasing number of veterans, that doesn’t stop when they become civilians, nor does the malaise – the loss of purpose and connection to the bonds that deployments can create amongst soldiers.Not many who apply are accepted, and Rivers is looking for a specific kind of person he can help.He will only accept people who have flunked out of at least one other drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.Wednesday nights are for “disgruntled discussions,” and they speak with uninhibited, crass vulgarity of the military. To a civilian, the talk is borderline incomprehensible.It’s heavy on jargon and the minutiae of life in the Army.

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