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But higher up, we came upon diggings of more recent date not far from the old site known as Chalmakazan.

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At a depth from ten feet downwards strata of rubble are reached, and in these search is made for the pieces of jade that the river once washed down. Stein in November 1900, showing a party of jade diggers in the jade pits near Sirik-Toghrak.

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Since my earliest contacts with jade, a visit to Khotan was on my agenda. Mou (of the Liangzhu/Fan Shan Jades) and the Jade Culture Research Institute of Beijing to participate in a three day seminar on Jade in Hetian, I finally made it there. For the last ten years the little Chinaman had lived there, trading in jade, which is washed from the Yurung-kash bed in the neighbourhood.

Finds of great value occur very rarely; but there is always the chance of sudden wealth, and this suffices to attract at all time “Bais” i.e.

small capitalists from Khotan and other Turkestan towns.

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