Dyrdek and chanel dating

(Something tells me if that had been Steelo doing the same thing the outcome would have been a lot different — just sayin’!) Chanel was cuffed and stuffed into a police cruiser (above) and later booked on a misdemeanor battery charges.Click here for what she had to say and to see photos of her injuries. He proposed to her at theme park while they were watching show. He told to the media that he always wanted to be the best boyfriend!She was featured in Tiffany Anderson’s, “Melting Like Ice Cream,” and Somaya Reece’s, “Tramp.” In 2012, rapper Lil Wayne signed her to his label, Young Money Entertainment, and she released a mixtape in 2013, titled Now You Know, which featured artists like Evan Ross, Robin Thicke, French Montana and Snoop Dogg.Chanel released a second mixtape called Waves in 2015.“I told you you could go home after you kicked me and then you punched me!

In 2014, Chanel began recording her debut studio album that is slated to release sometime this year.Season 7 premiere as Rob Dyrdek and Steelo Brim are going to have a field day with their co-star Chanel West Coast after she was arrested at a Los Angeles club last night for reportedly getting into a fight with another woman before then kicking and punching the arresting officer and declaring, “I’ve been on TV for 17 seasons.” According to TMZ, Chanel got into it with another woman inside the club and was bounced.Once outside, Chanel began to fight with club security.She has already released three singles from the album including, “Blueberry Chills,” “New Feeling,” and “Miles and Miles.” In 2015, Chanel also released a new song called, “Bass in The Trunk,” that was featured on Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.Chanel initially began her singing career in 2009, by collaborating with various artists.

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