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These 241 symbols are grouped in boxes (average of four in one box): There are 31 boxes on disk side A and 30 on side B.

Each disk side has the same structure of boxes: Both sides have an inner group in spiral form and an outer group on the disk’s rim. The spiral of both sides has 18 boxes with a small but important box on side B right after the 18th box counted from the center.

(all partial plus total plus annular) Total Eclipse time: 21m 9.0s (1,269.0 seconds) Annular Eclipse time: 6m 50.8s (410.8 seconds) Central shadow time (A T): 27m 59.8s The site is fantastic resource for past eclipse data and includes fun auxiliary information about safety and equipment, collectibles, a gallery of images, how to chase an eclipse (there are five steps!

This paper offers an analysis and dating of the structure of the “Phaistos Disk”, made from clay, imprinted with undeciphered symbols, grouped in roughly 30 boxes per disk side, and found in the ruins of the Phaistos Palace on the Greek Island of Crete by Luigi Pernier in 1908.

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These are some of the reasons to name it box As18b, not As19, and the assumption of the center box As01, being the start of the box spiral, confirms the first assumption of Sir A. A second try of pattern matching was done using the inverted disk box spiral (not center box first, but 18th box first): The resulting lack of matching patterns indicated that the first method (start of reading in the center) seems to be better, also confirming the reading method of Sir A.

Still, it could be assumed—in the wake of the spiral box being an astronomic object—that the number 12 may suggest the astronomic 12 months of a year, commonly used in some cultures.

Thus, the 12-rim boxes could represent any year—yet unknown.

The Eclipse Chaser site allows you to find and claim any total, annular and/or partial eclipse, dating from 1806.

(So, if you’re 211 years old, you might need to get a teenager to help you with the log in.) Add everything you can remember about your eclipse experiences, hit “save”, and your name, shadow time, chase success and other details will be posted automatically to the user summary—314 names, and counting!

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