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Your log will include a delicious quantity of too much information you never knew you wanted to know.

Mine looks like this: Eclipse count: 7, of which 6 were total and 1 were annular types. Number of Saros Series seen is 6 Time in shadow of the moon: 17h 32m 31.9s. Don’t rush your entries—it make take a few tries to drop a pin on exactly where you were standing in the shadow—and don’t forget, like I did until later, to use the drop down menu to select the exact weather conditions (fun detail, Bill! No worries, though—you can go back and edit your entry at any time.

This paper aims at suggesting the type of structure, the geographic place of design, a partial purpose of the disk, and the date its design represents.), who also defined the disk side A as having a flower petal in the center.

This analysis tries to shed some light on the design of the disk and the geographic location of its astronomic reference.

To verify the eclipse-matching method, the author assigned an intentionally wrong geoposition as input (also on Crete) and received no matching pattern as expected; this result also reduces the possibility of a design outside Crete.

The second step to take is identifying the year duplicates on the disk spirals in order to solve the problem of associating one Phaistos Disk spiral to all relevant ancient Saros cycles.

The third and final step is analyzing the matching eclipses and interpreting the best match of the disk’s “Saros” cycle/spiral.

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