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But what if you are entering the ivy-covered walls while still involved in a relationship with your high school sweetheart?

Should you break up with your romantic partner, or should you maintain the relationship?

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Although no study (to my knowledge) has directly explored how transitions to college may affect romantic relationships, we may be able to draw several inferences from studies of related issues. There are undeniable challenges to maintaining your high school romantic relationship while transitioning to college.

Now that the summer is coming to a close, young adults are fervidly preparing for their transition to college (though they may be more excited about leaving their parents’ house).

College, of course, offers incoming students many social novelties: independence, new friends, all-nighters to cram for finals, and perhaps even new “temptations” around campus (you may very well find yourself checking out the Facebook page of the person in the next dorm).

Relationship investments can come in all shapes and sizes, including time you and your partner have been dating, or even the emotional connection you have with your partner.

As you may recall from above, researchers who examined the high school best friendships during the transition to college found that communication is a key component of maintaining the relationship.

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