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Once she/he has provided the information, and prior to validating her/his registration to the Website, the Client must accept the General Conditions of Sale.

The Client ensures that the information provided is accurate.

« Successful Bidder » A Bidder that has submitted the highest bid (which exceeds the Reserve Price, where applicable) at the end of the tender period and to whom the Good has been sold.

« Good » Any Good listed in a catalogue that has been published online by ARTPRECIUM.

Unauthorized use including account sharing of Invaluable will result in permanent account cancellation.

Shipping: ARTPRECIUM can ship and deliver your paintings and other works of art in France and abroad.

ARTICLE 5 - REGISTRATION 5.1 - CONDITIONS OF REGISTRATION The Client who wishes to raise a bid in an auction sale on the Website must follow the registration process, whereby she/he can obtain her/his client number.

« Website » The is an infrastructure system developed by ARTPRECIUM with Internet-friendly information technology formats and comprising data of different kinds, including texts, sounds, fixed or moving images, videos, databases, available for the Client to visit, in order to get to know the Goods.

« User » The person who has created an account on the Internet.

Compulsory fields are shown with asterisks, and these must be filled out for the registration to be processed.

The Client represents and guarantees that she/he is older than eighteen (18) years old and has full legal capacity.

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