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Because while you’re concerned about showing respect to the relationship he has with his new girlfriend, you seem to be missing the complete and utter lack of respect he’s showing to you.After a three-year relationship that was tumultuous enough to include at least one breakup, he’s going to not only move on to a new girlfriend less than two months after you end things, but continually rub your face in that fact (i.e. but I have a girlfriend…), while simultaneously making innuendos that challenge you to move on seamlessly. My question for you, then, is: why do you want to be friends with him? Is there any part of you that hopes for a reconciliation?She gushed about him in an interview with You magazine. Feeling loved and validated and secure is a huge thing.Tristan is protective of my entire family, which is beautiful,” she said. This leads me to believe she does not know he has been contacting me. Your ex needs to want a friendship with you for the two of you to successfully navigate a post-relationship camaraderie, and it’s pretty clear that that’s not what he wants from you.If it were, he would be treating you with a lot more respect than he is. For example: men make money, and women make babies.

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Yet it’s in this little corner of female psychology that us men can find the best of ourselves. It’s part of her relationship role and embedded within her female psychology.

Tell him that he can keep your number and try you again in a few months after you’ve had time to properly process your breakup, but in the meantime you don’t want to hear from him.

The news comes as Khloe’s sister, Kim Kardashian, denied reports that her stepfather Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner, 67, confirmed his daughter Kylie Jenner‘s pregnancy.

So, other than “when a girl bitches at me,” what constitutes a test, and how do we handle them?

This unfortunate quirk of female psychology arises out a woman’s own insecurities.

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