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They continued to perform at the Wellington Thursday night comedy club, and also did a small number of corporate functions.One such gig was for a Wellington cricket club Christmas function.They performed their one song at the Wellington Fringe Festival late night club and members of the audience were said to have been “mildly impressed” by the act.After the encouraging feedback the pair continued to write songs in their living room, subjecting their six flatmates to relentless three chord jams.Bret and Jemaine first met in 1996 at Victoria University Wellington.Jemaine vividly remembers the first time he met Bret; “he was wearing a hat”.The group couldn’t believe they were being paid to perform and Bret blew his entire first pay cheque on a pair of leather pants.

Apparently in the 17th century the room had been used to quarantine plague victims.They wore nothing but skin coloured bike shorts giving the audience the illusion that they were naked.From that short vignette the group of five developed another pseudo nude show called So, You’re A Man.The first song was Foux Du Fa Fa, (two chords) and they called themselves Moustache.The four piece band had Bret on casio-tone, Jemaine on guitar, and their friends Toby Laing and Tim Jaray on trumpet and double bass.

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