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Addictive behavior, showing itself as a desire to get away from reality, leads to subjectively pleasant emotions that are achieved with help of both pharmacological and non-pharmacological means.

Thus, “addictology” separates addictions into two groups: the chemical, such as alcohol consumption and drug addiction, and non-chemical, such as compulsive gambling, sexual addiction, “workoholism”, avoidance, addictive shopping etc [13]. Loskutova [14] analyzed 3,500 questionnaires for studying the IA based on Young’s questionnaire model and made the following conclusions.

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The doctors, especially the psychiatrists, emphasize that excessive Internet use may cause a condition of physical, psychological and social maladaptation.The Internet addiction develops because of the three main factors: 1.Accessibility of Information, Interactive zones and Pornography; 2. Subconscious feelings of trust in online communication.It seemed paradoxical from the first sight, that this tendency was higher among women (15.2%), than among men (6.9%).It is possible that higher sensitivity of women draws them into an illusive world of cyberspace, while men prefer to stay in reality.

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