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Studying the preferences of virtual versus live communication, we were able to determine the degree of addictive behavior of the responders (Table 10).

In total, 11.3% of the students prefer virtual communication.

We found that slang language terms used in online forums wereused by 5.6% of the students in their daily life.

Table 10- Respondents' attitudes toward virtual and live communication Introduction.

The sociological survey showed that one third of the junior students (33.4%) sometimes drowsed, had sore eyes, headache or felt unwell after spending time on the Internet.

In addition, more than 4.0% felt these symptoms frequently.

On the other side, the information technology specialists, psychologists and sociologists find it natural that an individual takes advantage of rapidly developing high technologies for obtaining information, socializing and gaming.In our opinion, this happens because experts in different fields of knowledge discuss the problem from different professional points of view.The doctors, especially the psychiatrists, emphasize that excessive Internet use may cause a condition of physical, psychological and social maladaptation.However, that creates a threat for success in a real life.Because of a possibility for anonymous communication and free access to information as well as opportunity to find someone according to any taste for communication online, the Internet attracts some people as a way to escape reality.

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